We have provided solution in the following industries:

Chemical Industry

  • Manage inventory across multiple locations
  • Track and record stock movements
  • Created and managed reports that help foster clarity in business
  • Centralized information to manage customer communication and sales contracts
  • Quickly manage budget creation, allocation, and distribution
  • Eliminate data redundancy and errors
  • Provide budget tracking, reporting, and alerts

Electronics Industry

  • Optimize production and supply chain management
  • Get a full, 360-degree view of your manufacturing company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement
  • Streamline business processes to suit market needs.
  • Improved integration to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency with time and resources.

Engineering Services Industry

  • Providing a 360° view of the business processes which helped in improved after-sales support, track compliance, and much more.
  • Enables to meet customer demand and develop new revenue streams for engineering industry.
  • Decrease supply chain costs, lessens cycle times, and minimizes scrap and re-work.
  • Helped in minimizing inventory cost by efficiently dispatching finished goods to distributors and end-customers.
  • Integrate and standardize processes across your business locations with subsidiary integration feature of SAP Business One.
  • SAP Business One production planning and controlling optimizes yield and increases the overall efficiency of production processes.
  • View and report on component supplies in production and finished goods with fully integrated inventory management.
  • Got a greater control on the operations by boosting supply chain visibility, automating key processes and more.
  • An integrated system allows effortless analysis of resources, plans, and progress of the project.
  • Using this system, variations in the project and their impacts can be managed midway with the help of a single project view.
  • On-time and on-budget performance helps in increasing the project effectiveness.
  • Improved resource deployment with lower costs and increased revenues will assist in growing your business profitably.
  • This system helps in completing the projects on time and to budget thereby providing better client satisfaction.

Logistic Management Industry

  • Improve productivity and profitability using technology
  • Monitor the movement of cargo across the supply chain
  • Automate and optimize shipping documentation
  • Improve and streamline complex billing requirements
  • Gain business insights

Services Industry

  • Resource planning: Planning of resources can be done effectively with useful tools that help you respond to customer needs
  • Effective Project Management: This solution allows calculating and creating project budgets and compares them with real costs and improves margins.
  • Sales Opportunity Management: Solution helps in acquiring profitable clients with adaptable and dynamic sales opportunity management

Glass Manufacturing Industry

  • Scalable Solution: Highly Scalable solutions which grows as your manufacturing capacity grows up
  • Real Time reporting: Provides real time reporting between manufacturing unit and its subsidiaries to improve overall efficiency and better management between different business units
  • End to End Automation: All Business processes for a manufacturing unit is predefined right from purchasing, inventory management till production to seamlessly integrate and automate business processes.
  • Order based Manufacturing
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Shift Confirmation-Yield
  • Multi-plant Planning
  • Scrap Accounting
  • Scrap and Regrind Stock Handling
  • Product Costing
  • Batch & Serial Management
  • Quality Management

Packaging Industry

  • Product Planning and Scheduling
  • Warehouse and Bin Management
  • Multiple Units of Measurements (UOMs)
  • Product Stacking and Storage
  • Stock Handling and Management
  • Loading and Transport Barcode
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Overall operations and documentation of process can be streamlined
  • ISO standards and other compliance management
  • Effective quality assurance along the entire supply chain
  • Simple integration of subsystems like PLC, CAD, etc.
  • Increases sales by reducing and avoiding stock-outs and arranging the right products on the shelves
  • Beneficial cost calculation procedure
  • Flexible multi-level margin calculation Improves profit margin with efficient costing insights into process