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Core Value Proposition

Leveraging a powerful blend of high impact technology expertise and sharp business analysis, Optimum Tech Analytics Solutions enable businesses to effectively and engagingly track key performance indicators across various business functions.

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Rich User Interaction

We have successfully designed a series of graphically engaging and easy to consume dashboards and collaboration analytics for our clients which have a high rate of utilization by key decision makers

Easy Integration

Our Analytics Solutions have the capability of easy overlay on a wide variety of enterprise business platforms including SAP ERP Solutions (ECC, A1, B1), Oracle Apps., Microsoft Dynamics etc.

Focused Dashboards

Our dashboards are a blend of customization and best practices. Using our business analysis expertise we recommend critical performance indicators that can be displayed for fast, real time and highly relevant decision making.

Lateral Dashboards

We have a proven ability to creatively design thought provoking dashboards that can provide real insight and strategic value add to senior decision makers. Our root cause analysis dashboards for the healthcare industry give excellent process improvement inputs for revenue optimization.

Business performance analytics

Revenue & Budgeting Dashboards

Operational KPI Dashboards

Sales & Marketing Performance Dashboards

Process performance dashboards

Materials Management dashboards

Employee productivity dashboards

Manufcaturing Analytics

Financial Dashboards

Revenue cycle analytics

AR & AP performance dashboards

Budgeting and costing dashboards

Specialized Analytics

Root cause analytics dashboards

Actionable real time alert dashboards

Business decision making dashboards

Key Business Benefits

Our reporting dashboards are designed to provide real time information for speedy and proactive decision making that can effectively reduce costs, errors and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Our insight dashboards aim to analyze information and provide succinct insights that can help solve strategic and process challenges.

Our trends dashboards aim to uncover process & data patterns that can be used to monitor change and improve overall performance both operational and financial.

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