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Project Management Solutions Powered By SAP Business One

This software defines entire project schedules including major milestones and sub-tasks at multiple levels of tasks. Micro level definitions are available for each function including Procurement Staff, Sales department, Project Managers, Accounts & Finance Staff.

Project Management literally acts like your “Virtual Planning Department” constantly highlighting & reminding your entire work-force to be focused on “WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO AT A SPECIFIC POINT OF TIME!”

Project Management also allows you to attach various documents to each task thus enabling various drawings and legal documents to be available at your fingertips.

Some standard features like defining multiple “pre-requisites” is obviously a default feature here.

Business Challenges

Costing and Estimation

Scheduling and assigning activities

Monitoring and allocation of resources

Cash flow planning

Billing for services supplied

Maintaining project profitability

Business Challenges

  • Update & View status of Task / Activities and Approval

  • Duplicate and manually alter Project / Task / Activity

  • Billable task / activity status recognized with automatic document generation

  • See Budgeted and actual costs of Activity / Task / Project being executed

  • Scheduler to allow you to schedule and assign activities within SAP Business One

  • Configure solutions to meet your requirements

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